Efren Macasaet

Senior Full Stack Developer - Data, Analytics and Experimentation · Vancouver, Canada · efren@iwoork.com

I am an accomplished Engineering Leader with more than ten years of experience in developing products across diverse global markets. My recent focus has centered on Data products, specifically in areas such as Analytics, Experimentation, Attribution, and Incrementality, serving as a foundational platform. Prior to this, I held roles as a (fullstack) engineer, contributing to the creation of products for renowned global organizations including CNN, A+E Networks, Singapore Press Holdings, Pizza Express Hong Kong, Magnus Carlsen, and South China Morning Post.


Engineering Manager


I lead two highly effective teams focused on Analytics and Experimentation at Shutterstock, overseeing a total of 12 engineers.

Within the Analytics Enablement Team, we concentrate on creating tools and streamlining processes for data acquisition, storage, and distribution. This team maintains data governance through a structured and regulated schema for data consistency and accessibility.

The Experimentation Team is dedicated to crafting tools, providing guidance, and fostering a culture of experimentation at Shutterstock.

December 2021 - Present

Global Product Manager

Brand Expedia - Expedia Group

In my role, I am tasked with shaping the product vision and strategy for the experimentation platform, with a keen focus on aligning it with customer needs and the company's strategic objectives. I have also organized organization-wide customer journey workshops involving Product Managers, Analysts, and Engineers to pinpoint potential opportunities. Additionally, I have led efforts to enhance the platform's architecture, simplifying processes to create a centralized, end-to-end solution.

June 2017 - December 2021

Senior Product Analyst, Mobile Apps

Hotels.com - Expedia Group

I successfully deployed a comprehensive company-wide dashboard and alert system for consistent monitoring of the mobile apps' funnel health. I also delivered compelling business cases for initiatives aimed at enhancing app loading speed, refining filter and sort functionalities, and implementing region-specific improvements.

March 2016 - June 2017

Senior Product and Site Optimization Analyst, APAC

Hotels.com - Expedia Group

I have enhanced the overall customer experience and boosted conversion rates for users in the CJK region (China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong) by introducing region-specific features on both the website and mobile apps. These features include voice search functionality, quick selection options on typeahead items, and the incorporation of CJK tokenizers into Apachesolr.

July 2014 - March 2016

Lead Web Developer

CNN - Turner Broadcasting

Lead the engineering team based in India and UK to develop the CNNGo website (now called CNN Travel).

November 2009 - July 2011

Founder / Managing Director

Iwoork Web Solutions (closed)

Overall set up of the business and ownership including P&L management. Grew the company from just me to a team of 7 engineers and UI/UX. The company operated with the business model of providing tech teams to other businesses with focus on continously improving the process to effectively deliver client's needs.

February 2012 - January 2016


Product Management
  • Identifying customer problems
  • Customer journey workshops and interviews
  • Defining Product Strategy
  • Backlog prioritization
  • Stakeholders management
Programming Languages & Tools
  • Mobile-First, Responsive Design
  • Cross Browser Testing & Debugging
  • Cross Functional Teams
  • Agile Development (Kanban and Scrum)


I like to play music at home with my Telecaster and Fender Mustang GT40. I enjoy indie music from bands such as Death Cab for Cutie, Two Doors Cinema Club and Crash Captains

I brew my own coffee at home and always on the hunt for new beans to try.

Awards & Certifications

  • 3rd Place - Hotels.com Hackathon 2016 - Using NLP with GraphDB for searching hotels